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Female souls like Zohar’s inspire us to apply alchemy in our lives and transform what is not suiting us anymore. She dedicated her life path to opening minds and hearts to encounter our real potential and self-recognition and remembering ancestral innate wisdom. 


From the artist:

"And this is where my real story began to write itself, once I committed to being in service through the path of Awakening Alchemy. Seeking deep roots of earth wisdom, I got initiated by Indigenous Curanderas and Native Wizards in Mexico, yet most of my knowledge is channelled in presence as I quieten my mind and let my soul speak her language based in the library of infinity. 


I now dedicate my days to being an Alchemist with plant medicine and crystals. I design rituals and ceremonies that combine modern and ancient knowledge, and I print my daydreams into words that most times turn into poetry, sometimes even frequencies of my raspy voice that will guide you through hypnotic waves. 


"I am not a healer, yet I can give you tools to heal. I am not a writer yet I can channel pure wisdom when I surrender. I am not learning as I get older. I am unlearning as I grow younger"


- Zohar -

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