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Maxima Alejandra Simons is a pioneer in her career as an Airline Pilot, is a connector, organizer, manager, artist, and Mother. She has the power to enroll people to make that jump into the deep transformation. She leads the worldwide Wumanas movement accompanied by Ambassadresses around the world, while she focuses in opening doors for the collective's mission of the platform.

Wumanas was founded by Maxima Alejandra Simons after an intimate brunch that convoked 7 talented artists with a unified voice of rebirthing sisterhood planting the bases of our movement.

At the moment Wumanas embraces 35 Creative Womxn from 13 different countries.

Maxima Simons


Mona Pirzad

Berlin Team

Wendoly Monteiro Dacosta

Berlin Team

Iris Kauffman

Amsterdam Office

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