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Wendoly Monteiro da Costa was born in Neu-Ulm in 1988.

At the age of 4, she began taking art lessons from the Romanian artist BEVA ( Vasile Bedreaga ). 

During her training, she was taught various techniques like serigraphy, ceramics, porcelain, drawing
and oil painting. 


She will get inspired by the spatula – technique, which her art still stands for until the present day.

She creates abstract pictures consisting of oil-painted layers, forming thick, almost sculpture-like, surfaces. 

Her spatula technique recreates expressive art using surfaces to form a kind of relief showing the essence of the motive in a structured way.


She skillfully uses the third dimension in to influence the effect of the incoming light on the canvas.

Surprise moments emerge through her unique processing and workflow with the provocation of a loss of control emerging through her spatula technique.

The cracking in her pictures emphasizes the communication between the viewer and the object.

The Peruvian-Czech artist, who has been creating and living in Berlin since 2009, invites her audience to sharpen their perspective towards backgrounds.

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