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Under the sign of Aquarius, Mariana Camberos was born in Polotitlán de la Ilustración, State of México. This is the place where she grew up and the starting point for the journey that would submerge her in the depths of Latin America, where she collected in her imagery the aesthetics of ancestral cultures, under the atmosphere of tropical blood.


Then, in southern latitudes, she is baptized with the pseudonym Meteoro in Buenos Aires, Argentina - where she studies fashion design and art direction for film and theatre - and it seems that the appellative is a kind of omen, a prediction of what her production would be: pieces loaded with supernatural magic, characters extracted from dream worlds, fantastic creatures of mystical dimensions; crystals, planets, flowers, recurring elements in the psychedelic cosmos in which she lives and which she shares with us through her art and designs: visual arts, textiles, ceramics; because her versatility is also characteristic.


Her free and lively spirit has led Meteoro to share that particular universe - a tribute to the mystical, she confesses - in places such as Barcelona, Copenhagen, Rio de Janeiro, San Miguel de Allende, Hamburg, Barranquilla or Berlin, where she is currently based.

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