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Joana Carvalhas is a Portuguese multi-style improviser violinist actively performing and teaching in Germany, Portugal and United Kingdom. Despite being graduated by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (UK) in classical music, she constantly explores new musical styles and new concepts in order to approach innovative sounds and textures on the violin. More than a violinist, she describes herself as a whole musician using the violin to express and enjoy her music.


Joana also started to develop her improvisation and jazz skills and even a solo unique project where she plays with loop and effect pedals. Simultaneously, she has been developing a teaching career, in one to one lessons format or via online (Skype/Zoom), preparing her violin students to different types of exams, auditions or just sharing the magic of Music in nowadays society.

Lately Joana has been performing in jazz concerts, solo performances (where she uses her loop and effect pedals), cinema festivals, duo concerts with piano, free improvisation gigs... During her performances the audience never knows what to expect due to her creativity on stage and new ways of experiencing and expressing the Music.

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