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Full day of arts, music, togetherness and consciousness. 

Special occasions, fine dinning, ceremonies, weddings , private celebrations

An inspirational full-day event produced by a multi-cultural female-led team. Art, Music, wellbeing, and connectivity, opening minds and softening hearts. Awareness, empowerment and informative panels.

  • Morning yoga and guided meditation, permission to the local guardians.

  • Smoothies & shots bar.

  • Market area & information

  • Art exhibition

  • Vernissage with live music

  • Workshops for kids and adults 

  • Young Wumanas Tent

  • Main Live music act

  • Acoustic music

  • Spontaneous circus performances

  • Vegan & vegetarian cuisine

  • Holistic spaces

  • Pachamama gratitude closing ritual.  


and many more constellations.





Art, poetry, wisdom, and courage were some of the attributes of the goddess Minerva, an extraordinary character that continues inspiring among us.

We silently powered the event all by female talents. Chef, mixologists, artists, musicians, performers. 

  • Visual Art installation. 

  • Art Vernissage, welcome cocktails, elixir bar, live music. 

  • 5 courses candled dinner 

  • Shows and performance.

  • Ambient music.

  • After dinner get-together and party.

Our tables are animals free, local, and seasonable supplies balanced with organic and bioproducts. We support independent producers and providers.

We create a special program for you.



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