International Women's Day

March 8th - Loyal Order Restaurant - Tulum


The first Wumanas event vibrated to honor brave and courageous women who made and continue to make stories throughout the existence of humanity. 

Hosted by Loyal Order and supported by Gem & Bolt.

Photos by Nikita Foucher


March 13tn - Ikal Hotel - Tulum

RestAura was set on the magical Sanctuary of IKAL, next to the Mayan Archeological site of Tulum. RestAura is musicians, artists, activists, chefs, free-thinkers, wisdom keepers, and change-makers to co-create and awaken the truth of our interconnectedness.


Our artists Pamela Rodriguez and Nida Safak participated at RestAura.  


Photo credits - Nico Borgnino @okoproduce