Leonie lives in Berlin, she's been DJing for over two years now,

but her love for music started when she was a little child. Her name Moogli was found by a friend from
Cape Town while they were on a long road Trip, as Leonie was climbing trees and mountains,

always barefoot.


Electronic music became part of her life when she first explored the club scene in Berlin in 2000.

Ever since she enjoys the club culture and all that comes with it. Leonie played gigs in Mensch Meier,

Kater Blau, Bucht, Station Endlos and many more. Also festivals like Pangea Festival with her Dj Duo Momo, Utopia Festival, H13, Wilde Möhre, Lusatia or Mystic Forest. She's doing her first steps in producing music, with the Dj Duo Kuriose Naturale at the moment.